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Breach of contract & lawsuits 

Breach Of Contract Lawsuits

In an ideal world, agreements would be entered into a contract of which both sides would, gain, benefit or profit and be pleased with the outcome, and no disagreements would arise. But in the actual world of business, unforeseen delays happen and financial hiccups can suddenly popup, and other unexpected events can occur to impede […]

Ensuring the Relevance of your Will and Testament

Ensuring The Relevance Of Your Will And Testament

There are many uncertainties in life, and for the most part, one cannot hope to be prepared for everything. But for those that are in your control, such as what happens to your assets following your death, it is your responsibility to take the right approach. If you have dependencies such as children, then you […]

The Importance of Checking Employee Credentials 

The Importance Of Checking Employee Credentials

It’s no secret, that in this country of ours, there are more prospective employees out there than roles for them to fulfil. High unemployment rates often dominate South African statistics and the news, and so it is no surprise that, in order to get an edge in the job market, some prospective employees may fabricate […]

Divorce in South Africa 

Divorce In South Africa

The unfortunate reality of life is that relationships rise and fall every day, that is just one aspect of life. This is true for family, friends, lovers, and spouses. And relationships fall apart for so many reasons. The love has faded over time, differences of opinion, affairs, dishonesty, and so much more. It is always […]

The Importance of Marrying with an Ante Nuptial Agreement

The Importance Of Marrying With An Ante Nuptial Agreement

A marriage contract isn’t the life-time commitment that it used to be. Many marriages in this day and age start out burning with a passionate fire only to sizzle out within a couple of years. When this happens, the love, care and respect that each party in the marriage feels for each other, goes away. And when […]

Claiming Child Maintenance

Claiming Child Maintenance

A child is entitled to a logical maintenance to contribute for clothing, housing, dental and medical care, education, and, where applicable, recreational activities. Both parties have a responsibility to maintain the child according to their individual means. The responsibility exists irrespective of whether your child is adopted, born in or out of marriage. What is […]

Things you can do to help Victims of Domestic Violence

Things You Can Do To Help Victims Of Domestic Violence

Learn The Signs Learn the revealing signs that someone is in an abusive relationship. Maybe your family or close friend is constantly checking in with her partner before she’ll do anything or go anywhere or spend even the smallest amount of money. Maybe it’s other factors like, your co-worker’s spouse always finds ways to shame […]

When Can I Evict My Tenants?

When Can I Evict My Tenants

There is going to be a risk with placing a tenant on your property, regardless of whether or not there was a pre-existing relationship before the new professional dynamic. That is why most renters have contracts that stipulate the terms and conditions that constitute the rental agreement. This will stipulate the cost of the rent, […]

Your solution starts here 

Your Solution Starts Here

Have you found yourself in a predicament where someone has crashed into your car or you know someone has taken something valuable of yours but they deny it? Well sometimes you need to go that extra step to reach the justice you deserve. Having the law on your side is just a drive away, based […]

Understanding Ante-nuptial Contracts

Understanding Ante Nuptial Contracts

Marriage is generally an exciting point in the lives of all parties involved. The union of two people who love each other is always an occasion to be celebrated. However while getting wrapped up in the excitement, it is still important for the bride and groom to consider how well their assets are protected. Will […]