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Things you can do to help Victims of Domestic Violence

Things you can do to help Victims of Domestic Violence

Learn The Signs

Learn the revealing signs that someone is in an abusive relationship. Maybe your family or close friend is constantly checking in with her partner before she’ll do anything or go anywhere or spend even the smallest amount of money. Maybe it’s other factors like, your co-worker’s spouse always finds ways to shame him in public. There could be many hints you just have to know what to look for.

Understand the Basics

Domestic violence isn’t an easy situation. Trying to acquiring a basic understanding of what domestic violence is, that it’s a lot more emotionally complex and psychological than physically hitting and will make you more skilled to help someone in need. The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence provides a simple to read advice “Wheel of Power, Control and Dominance” that shows the elements of domestic violence beyond the physical aspects.

Don’t pressure them to leave

There are way too many reasons to understand why a victim of domestic violence might stay in the relationship, worried about their own well-being or loved ones, lack of resources, and love for their abuser are just a few reasons. As crazy as it might sound, pressuring a victim of abuse to leave could actually make it less likely that they’ll ever get out of that disease of a relationship. If a victim of domestic violence has eventually summoned up the courage to open up, pressuring them to leave might frighten them back even further into isolation.

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