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Civil litigation is the process of settling disputes and violations in court but without any party facing criminal prosecution. These parties could be private individuals, to representatives of businesses and corporations, to the actual business or corporation. Civil litigation can take the form of a court proceeding, or other forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation or settlement negotiations. One would generally begin instituting civil action for monetary claims. However, there are other reasons, such as contract disputes or property disputes to proceed with civil litigation.

When one enlists civil lawsuit services it is because the one party has not held up their end of an agreement, such as a landlord neglecting duties or a tenant violating the terms of their rental agreement. This type of action normally happens after much conflict and unsuccessful attempts at convincing the neglectful party to uphold their agreement.

A civil lawsuit can be a time-consuming process as there is much to consider, and it is highly important for each party involved to know and understand their rights in terms of the law and that specific civil litigation. Another way to ensure that the time is not wasted during the proceedings is to have each party know what they want to get out of this case, such as financial compensation.

If one understands what they want and how they can achieve it before the proceedings begin then a strategy can be created and implemented. Any supporting claims and evidence can be compiled to create a winning case.

Dreyer Engelbrecht Attorneys Inc. is here to help you prepare and create a strategy to assist you in achieving your desired outcome in a civil litigation. Be sure to contact us for professional legal advice and services for your civil lawsuit.

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