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Subdivisions and Consolidation of Land 

Subdivision of land is the creation of smaller land units from a single piece of land. Consolidation, on the other hand, is the creation of a larger piece of land out of two or more smaller pieces. The best means of ensuring that your subdivision or consolidation of land is a legal venture, it is best practice to enlist the consolidation or Subdividing Land Services of a property lawyer.

A property owner wishing to subdivide his/her property will require the assistance of a property lawyer to ensure that the proposed subdivision will not conflict with any registered title deed conditions and to guide such owner through the process. A land surveyor is engaged by a property owner to draft the necessary sub-divisional diagram and to obtain the necessary local authority or other relevant authority approvals. On approval of the diagrams by the Surveyor General for the area in which the property is situated, Dreyer Engelbrecht Attorneys Inc. will assist the client in registering the title to the respective subdivided portions of land or transferring such portions in accordance with an agreement of sale or other contract as well as obtaining the relevant bond holders’ consents.

Consolidation of a property also requires the services of a land surveyor to draft the diagram of the new enlarged property. On approval of the consolidated diagram by the Surveyor General, Dreyer Engelbrecht Attorneys will assist the client to register the title to that property by virtue of a Certificate of Consolidated Title, including the obtaining of any bondholders’ consents.

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