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When one’s rights are not being met, there is a legal solution that allows those right violations to be mended. An interdict is the court order that has the power to enforce a party’s rights that have been disregarded by another party. The interdict is usually an inexpensive legal procedure that holds a large amount of power as it requires the respondent to do something or it refrains them from doing something. It is an enforceable court order.

There are two types of interdicts, they are interim and final interdicts. The initial purpose of the interdict is to prove that there is the clear existence of a right and then to enforce that right. The interim interdict is granted based on prima facie, which is “on the face of it”. The prima facie and certain requires that have been provided need to be met in order for the interim interdict to be granted. This will only last for a period of time until the right and its violation can clearly be proven, then a final interdict will be granted. This is all dependant on the individual case that has been presented.

To have an interdict granted, one needs the right advice from a legal professional. Dreyer Engelbrecht Attorneys Inc. has a team of such legal professionals that will be able to assist you in ensuring that your rights are met and respected.

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