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Conveyancing and Property Law

Buying property is not as easy we originally would be led to believe. There is a section of the law that specifically deals with the ins-and-outs of conveyancing. That is real estate law. Real Estate law dictates the legal framework for the transfer of Real Estate and property.

Real Estate law requires that all property transfers and registrations of mortgage bonds be attended to by conveyancing lawyers or property lawyers; conveyancing fees are usually charged according to a recommended tariff as laid down by the Law Society. The Conveyancing Lawyers will be offering expert advice, insight and professional services when it comes to immovable property.

The conveyancing lawyers will be the one to register fixed property transfers. This is necessary to protect the interests of both parties, and it is to maintain the high standard of land registration in South Africa. Although the seller of the property will usually appoint the conveyancing lawyers, this can vary between parties and agreements.

On receipt of the agreement, the property lawyer will review the agreement thoroughly and ensure that the details of the all the documentation is correct, this will include checking the financial details and all other dates are correct. The property lawyer will also conduct a Deeds Office search to confirm any interdicts or mortgage bonds against the property. There will be a request for documents, and they will include the likes of marriage certificates, utility bills, and tax numbers. The property lawyer can also apply to the municipality for a rates assessment. This whole process will generally take about six to eight weeks; however, this time may vary due to a variety of influencing factors.

professional conveyancing lawyer or property lawyer will be able to assist you through every process and need of your conveyancing journey. Dreyer Engelbrecht Attorneys Inc’s team is a great example of expert legal professionals that are dedicated to serving their client’s best interest. We know that each property sale or purchase is unique, which is why we work with you to ensure that you get the best legal support and guidance throughout this process.

We understand that buying or selling property can be stressful and challenging. Our conveyancing department is committed to ensuring the accurate and speedy processing of your transfer or bond registrations, allowing you to enjoy your new home as quickly as possible. We are committed to promoting long term, mutually beneficial relationships with all our valued clients.

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