Who we are

We are a professional establishment offering legal services to clients nationwide.

Dreyer Engelbrecht Attorneys Inc is an Alberton Law Firm and has satellite offices in Bedfordview and Vereeniging.

We house a highly specialised collection of attorneys and legal services and remain driven by passion, integrity, innovation and we are forever in the pursuit of excellent customer service and complete customer satisfaction.
We have a well-established network of dedicated correspondents and we can provide legal services, nationwide.

Our Attorneys & Legal Services

Our firm is comprised of a collection of legal specialists from varying fields, including conveyancing, litigation and family law. Exceptional combined experience, passion driven by ethics, and a sense of empathy for the cases we handle, is at the heart of everything we do.

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  • Family Law Services

    Dreyer Engelbrecht Attorneys provides a comprehensive set of family law services that cover cases from divorce and custody, to estate planning, wills and testaments and setting up family trusts.

  • Conveyancing Services

    Our firm also specialises in various facets of property law, offering conveyancing services covering property development, subdivision and consolidation of land, transfer of leaseholds and more.

  • Criminal and Civil Law Services

    We offer expert services in various fields of criminal and civil law. These include expungement of criminal records, interdicts, and notarial services.

  • Business, Debt & Finance

    Our expertise in financial and business law allow us to offer a variety of legal services tailored to professionals and business. These include a wide range of specialist services, from enforcing contractual rights, company registration, commercial evictions, debt collection and drafting up contracts, to liquidation, insurance law and more.

  • Litigation

    Our law firm in Alberton offers specialised litigation services which include commercial and civil litigation, as well as High Court and Magistrate Court litigation.

Below Are The Services Our Law Firm Provides

Ante-Nuptial Agreements

Civil Litigation


Commercial Litigation

High & Magistrate Court Litigation