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Why do you evict tenants?

Eviction is a final drastic step that gets taken when your rental terms and conditions are broken, and when the tenant’s rental account is in the rears. This could have a direct effect on you as you rely on that financial income that comes from the tenant’s monthly rent. You will need to lawfully evict your tenants, otherwise, PIE will ensure that you are unable to successfully evict your tenants.

Why is timing important with evictions?

The timeframe that you have for evicting your tenants legally is a highly important factor to the success of your case. That is why you will need to have legal guidance to ensure that every step that is taken is legal. You will need to bring an eviction application as soon as possible otherwise the process will be costly and lengthy. No eviction may happen without an order of the court. This may only be granted once the court has considered all the circumstance of the situation.

When Can tenants Be Evicted?

Once a tenant has breached their rental agreement or they have failed to pay their rent on time, you will first have to place your tenant “on terms.” This means that you are warning them that you have acknowledged the breach and if this breach continues, that you will take further action by cancelling their lease. If this breached is not remedied within the stipulated time frame, the landlord is able to cancel the lease, and if the tenant refuses to leave, you may begin the process of eviction. Contact Dreyer Engelbrecht Attorneys today for more information about evictions.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning refers to the procedure of making a will. Many people think that estate planning is only for the rich, however it is for everyone! Attorneys that specialise in estate planning assist you in determining which are the best options for you. Your estate contains everything that you own – from your furniture to your investments. Unfortunately, when you pass away, you cannot take this with you. But you are able to control who those things are given to. That is estate planning.

Why is it so important?

You are able to choose who takes over your assets. Family members have fought it out in court, and sometimes it can get ugly. By having an estate and designating who inherits what, you can avoid a potential family mess. Protect your family and children. If you have a family, you will need to prepare for a tragedy. In your will, you are able to designate how your children will be taken care of and what items will be inherited by them. Choose your personal estate representative. In your will, you should consider choosing someone that you would like to handle your estate once you pass. This position requires responsibility, as you are giving this person the power of your assets as well as the capability to liquidate your assets. Authorise someone to make healthcare decisions for you. If you become disabled for whatever reason, you will require someone to make medical decisions on your behalf.