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Estate Planning

You have worked hard throughout your life, and you will continue to work hard towards building your wealth and investing in your assets. But sometimes you may wonder what will happen to all that you have worked so hard to build when you are no longer here. That is why it is so important to seek the guidance of an attorney to assist you in tying up all of your assets and last wishes into your estate and create a last will and testament. This way you will be sure that all your last wishes and your assets will be respected. This is all possible with proper Deceased Estate Planning.

The reality is that your deceased estate planning will not be surrounded by the most pleasant topic of conversation, however, it is a necessary course of action. This will allow you to decide who will be a beneficiary of your estate and who will receive what, and to what extent. It allows you to make the final decisions of your estate, and these decisions will be respected and upheld by the law if any complications and disagreements were to arise

By being proactive and starting your Deceased Estate Planning, you will be saving your beneficiaries and your loved ones a long and stressful situation where they will have to organise your assets with the added stress of arguments over who feels entitled to what. They will not have to pay hefty inheritance taxes and the process to transfer any ownership will be less stressful and less complicated. If you do not have any form of a living will, your loved ones will be subjected to legal issues and complications to try to organise your assets. This may get complicated as the government and other parties will be getting involved too.

The laws that apply to property and assets with regards to the possession of a deceased person and their family gets very complicated, it is constantly changing and it will create a long-term battle to tie up any and all loose ends

The best way to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of and that they will be able to mourn their loss without the extra involvement of lawyers and court cases will be to have a properly planned out deceased estate. This is easily done with the guidance and assistance from an attorney. The attorney will be able to assist you in planning your estate with regards to your personal needs, your personal requests and your personal collection of assets.

Dreyer Engelbrecht Attorneys is one such attorney team that will be able to assist you in planning for your deceased estate. They will be able to assist you in preparing each and every asset whether it is your financial wealth, investments, property, businesses, or vehicles. With a proper estate plan, you will be able to rest assured knowing that everything will be taken care of and so will your loved ones.

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