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Claiming Child Maintenance

Claiming Child Maintenance

A child is entitled to a logical maintenance to contribute for clothing, housing, dental and medical care, education, and, where applicable, recreational activities.

Both parties have a responsibility to maintain the child according to their individual means. The responsibility exists irrespective of whether your child is adopted, born in or out of marriage. What is ‘fair’ will depend on the parent’s standard of living, their income and ultimately the cost of living. The standard of living normally decides whether expenses for recreation activities, and primary education and tertiary level education will be granted.

Monthly Payments

A set amount of cash is normally paid to the parent who has primary care of the child. The divorce and maintenance agreement order will specify that one parent must pay the other a certain amount of money each month. The money is sent in advance, on or before a stipulated day of every month, normally by way of a debit order or electronic transfer, into a bank account assigned by the parent with primary care.

Educational Costs

Educational costs usually include, but are not limited to, all pre-school and aftercare payments, monthly school fees, additional classes fees, school trips, events, school lunches, extracurricular school and sports day activities, all extramural activities in which the child takes part in, including any club payments and sport tours, school work books, text books, stationery, uniforms and any equipment like computers and engineering equipment needed by the child at or relating to school work.

When a parent refuses to make their monthly payments for maintenance, it will be seen as a criminal offence and could be imprisoned or fined. Paying for your child is your responsibility and should never be taken for granted.

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