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Do Divorces Effect your Children? 

Do Divorces Effect your Children

Research did prove that divorce does have effect on children, as it affects their basic understanding of life, especially when it comes to relationships, because what makes up a relationship according to them is family which is mom and dad together under one roof.

Divorce creates massive change in the life of a child, no matter how old they are. Witnessing and being exposed to loss of love between parents, seeing them breaking their marriage commitment to one another, having to adjust to going back and forth to two different households creates a new challenging family unfortunate condition that births enxiety, disbelief and distress to children which may affect their well-being and eventally lead to poor academic performance.

We as Dreyer Engelbrecht law firm understand our role as far as legal rights are concerned and we take pride in rendering our services with passion and excellency to meet or exceed our client’s expectation and one of our Attorneys and Legal Service is divorce, where we ensure our clients of less painful and aggrevating divorce.

We can boldly and confidently say that we play a huge role in advocating for children, especially with issues that are distressing, such as divorce, as research says that children struggle the most through divorce as opposed to their parents.

So, we always try to find a common ground that parents can agree to, in order to protect their children’s well-being.

Psychological and legal ways to reduce the effect divorce has on children

  • Help your child feel safe and secure. By helping your child to feel secure, you have to show love to her/him ensuring that they are safe preventing them to go through a mental health state, as it’s said that prevention is better than cure.
  • Teach coping skills. Children whom have knowledge of coping skills such as restructuring skills tend to adjust with ease through divorce. It is very paramount for parents to teach their children how to manage and express their feelings, behaviours and ideas in a positive way.
  • Apply discipline. We help advice parents at one of our Law Firms in Alberton that effective discipline towards children helps improve their academic performance at school and keeps them grounded.
  • Stress free co-parenting. Parents who work together as a unit and co-parent effortlessly help reduce problem behaviour that their children may encounter.
  • Don’t use kids as a weapon. Parent should not use their kids as tools to fight against each other through divorce, it only births anger and anxiety to children which sometimes leads to a mental health breakdown.

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