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Claiming Child Maintenance

A child is entitled to a logical maintenance to contribute for clothing, housing, dental and medical care, education, and, where applicable, recreational activities. Both parties have a responsibility to maintain the child according to their individual means. The responsibility exists irrespective of whether your child is adopted, born in or out of marriage. What is… Continue Reading

Divorce in South Africa

The unfortunate reality of life is that relationships rise and fall every day, that is just one aspect of life. This is true for family, friends, lovers, and spouses. And relationships fall apart for so many reasons. The love has faded over time, differences of opinion, affairs, dishonesty, and so much more. It is always… Continue Reading

Breach of contract & lawsuits

In an ideal world, agreements would be entered into a contract of which both sides would, gain, benefit or profit and be pleased with the outcome, and no disagreements would arise. But in the actual world of business, unforeseen delays happen and financial hiccups can suddenly popup, and other unexpected events can occur to impede… Continue Reading

Advantages of Family Law

One may see good people at their worst during a divorce case, the family law is put in place to help families and to stabilise them to resume their normal lives. There are many more options in the areas of custody and support and there are many forms of disputes accessible as well. These options… Continue Reading

Antenuptial contract

Antenuptial contract Getting married is beautiful and you will be embarking on a wonderful journey that is full of unexpected experiences. When you get married you do not really know what will happen and if whether the marriage will last. It is important to protect yourself in case the marriage does not last or it… Continue Reading

Clearing of criminal record

Clearing of criminal record Having a criminal record can affect your image and reputation. No matter how big or small the crime you committed is but having a criminal record is a serious offence. One of the key facts about having a criminal record is to struggle to get a job because of it. However,… Continue Reading